Room 415
2000, Bedroom Installation at the Chelsea Inn (photographs of my mother’s lovers, old family pictures, bed, TV, sink and house ware)

«Listening Eye» recently gave birth to «Room 415», a bedroom installation set in one of the bedrooms of the Chelsea Inn during the «The New-York Independent Art Fair». In this work I brought what was visible on the photos of «Listening Eye» into this hotel bedroom, transforming the bedrooms at my grand-mother’s home in France into a New-York setting. Playing with the notions of the private and public spheres, I was showing both the picture of the wounded woman body laying on a bed of «Listening Eye» and its official alter ego; a set of formal women and men clothes carefully ironed and displayed on a bed with marriage and other official family pictures. Adding to that were hung on the wall or displayed on the bed various photos of young men who I believe have been my mother’s lovers and as such potential fathers of mine.