Listening Eye
1999, Cibachromes, (16'x20')

This is my biggest work at this time and it’s a reflection on problems such as spychiatrics problems, substance abuse and suicide that are endemic in my family among women. It is an installation of 120 photographs, part of a work on the complex relationship between art, inner/outer space, memory, sexuality and self-discovery. In this work I have used the camera as an ethnographic tool investigating life history, mourning process and family iconography. The details you can see are extracted from this project which is made of photos taken in France in the house of my grand-mother and its surroundings and that are arranged in five sequences.The image-sequences can be either hung on wall or cross-projected and in that sense this work is almost cinematographic. Repetitive patterns such as a neo-classic sculpture, the details of a stoking, the flowers of a skirt or of a wallpaper give the rhythm to the narrative and connect the sequences to each other.

The title of the piece "Listening Eye", is an indication of what the eyes should do when looking at this work and a reminder of Paul Claudel’s essay on Flemish painting «L’oeil écoute». Just like in Flemish painting, «Listening Eye» shows definitely images of the ordinariness of life. However, I have chosen to contrast these with a row of images of an accidented body. The picture of the nude lying is a reference to Courbet's "L'Origine du Monde", although in my work the birth canal relates to the birth of oneself. The bruise and scars on the body are a metaphor of the difficulty of this process and show the element of madness in an apparent peaceful environment of floral wallpapers.