Deadanimalondesertedisland (1)
Digital photographs, dimensions vary

Two series of image/sequence that were shot on one of the lakes of the Harriman Park, on a supposedly deserted island only reachable by canoe, islands where I spent numerous days and nights. The work "dead animal on deserted island" is some type of forensic study I did after I discovered the remains of a dead animal. First, I recorded these remains on photos, then try to place the camera in such a manner that I could record what the animal was seeing when it was dying. The remains were scattered all over and I gathered them together to make the sculpture you see in photo. The peculiarity of this situation comes from the fact that this island was supposedly inhabited and in fact this discovery made me sense that some type of parallel beings were actually living on this island. Furthermore, it was impossible to identify the animal (no paws or bones were left), by whom or what it had been killed, and how. I play on the ambiguity of this situation by presenting a former lover and me both as possible victim/dead animal or killer/invisible beings transgressing the frontiers between tangible and parallel reality. This work may share a common ground with the book by Adolpho Bioy Casares "The Invention of Morel" that came to my knowledge after my own experiment. The book refers to a supposedly deserted island actually inhabited by mere shadow-like-people living in a parallel reality and animated by a time defying machine. This book may be both a premonition of my own experience and an anticipatory plagiarism.