Sociological diagrams / The view from afar
Photos taken in Puccalpa, Peru.  C Prints, dimensions vary, 2003.

These series show didactic diagrams used in the training of NGO employees
working in developing countries and the NGO space itself. These diagrams
define third world women as passive victims submitted to a mechanic causal
series of repetitive events such as: childhood mistreatment leading to low
self esteem leading to teenage pregnancy leading to unwanted children
leading to domestic abuse.... The story of the application of the "low
self-esteem" concept in Latin America is both a product of the work of the
"Peace Corps" who have indiscriminately applied it and the product of the
translation into Spanish of American Pop psychology and its concepts such as
"leadership, empowerment...". These concepts have now been adopted by health
care and social workers worldwide. The images show the architecture of this
concept, the architecture of the NGO space itself and the view from its
terrace that epitomizes "The View from afar"