- Social Anthropology and Art on the Spatial Representations of the Maku Indians and the Migrants Settlers of Guaviare, (Colombia); supervisor, Dr. Stephen Hugh-Jones; presently enrolled in the final year.
- Visiting Scholar, since 1999 to 2001 and 1992-1994.
- DEA, Social Anthropology, 1992-1993.
- Master’s Degree, Social Anthropology 1990-1992.
- Graduation, 1991.


- Municipalidad de Miraflores, Lima: Exhibition on the work of MSF Amazonia, November 2001.

- Operation, How, Now, Wow, an artist collective against the war in Irak, April 2003.
- “Water”, group show at the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago (fall 2002).
- Artists Space: 1000 drawings, December 2002.
- The Jerusalem Fund: Show on Palestinian daily life (fall 2002).
- United Nations, Department of Public Information: Photo exhibition on the daily life in Israel/Palestine, November 2002.
- United Nations: Conference on Peace in the Middle-East, photo exhibition of the project “Children of Conscience”, September 2002.
- LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, “Layer Immaterial” curated by Alexander Lee and Julie Baranes, February 2002.
- Bronx Museum of the Arts: "Access Zone", installation and performance with the 16beaver group, September 9th, 2001.
- Group show at the 16Beaver space, March 2001.
- Group show at LFL gallery, «Trade Two:Flat Files» by Danica Phelps, February 2001.
- Group show at 75 Stewart (Williamsburg) curated by Tim Dubitsky, December 2000.
- New York Independent Art Fair «Frere», November 2000.
- Air-Brooklyn Gallery (Williamsburg), September 2000
- Air-Brooklyn Gallery (Williamsburg), March 2000
- A+A Gallery (Lower East Side), February 2000
- Air-Brooklyn Gallery (Williamsburg), October 1999
- MesmerizeMe, (Chelsea), October 1999
- Galapagos (Williamsburg), September 1999

- United Nations Media Library, New York.
- (people opinion project web site).
- (an agency promoting participatory photographic workshop with children).
- SLPstock (a stock agency).
- LFL gallery website.


- Six weeks Fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creatives Arts (in an exchange with TRIANGLE-FRANCE), October /November, 2002.

- Sweet Briar College: lectures on the crossing of photography and human rights (fall 2002 and spring 2003) in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Fines Arts.


In the USA:
- I work on assignments for SLP stock.
- I photograph for Doctors without Borders/Medeçins sans Frontieres, helping the organization in photo documenting their work.
- I document the actions of «Women in Mourning and Outrage» an activist group lead by artist Eve Sandlers, fighting police brutality.


- 1997; Grant from King’s College, Cambrige.
- 1997; Award from Cambridge University, "European Trust".
- 1996; Grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, New York.
- 1995; Grant from the Research Institute for the Study of Man, New York,.
- 1995: Grant from the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Cambridge University, Crowther- Beynon Fund.
- 1995: Grant from the General Board of the Faculties, Cambridge University, Worts Traveling Scholars Grant.
- 1994: Award from Cambridge University, "European Trust".- 1993: Award from Préfecture des Hauts de Seine and Delegation aux Relations Internationales de Paris X.

- New York Independent Art Fair catalog, p.72, New York, 2000.


Until now, I have used the camera as an autobiographical and narrative tool. Most of my works are photo-based image-sequences based on my own experiences that evolve into narrative developments. My photo work relates to performance art in that sense that I use images of my own intimate space and my own body as the subject of a story I deliver to the outside world. However, my art is presently leading to the choreography of foreign space. I intend to use foreign subjects and tri-dimentional installations where the viewers complete the actual work by interacting with the environments I have created. Viewing my art works should be a cinematic experience and involve the viewer in an intimate relationship with the piece that would leave him or her with a mental projection of a narrative to be interpreted or reappropriated.
As an artist my goals are: to develop an interesting dialogue with the viewers of my work; to develop exhibition opportunities of my artwork and to participate in the development of art communities.


My work has been shown in various venues in France, England, Colombia and in New York. In New York, I have shown my work at Galapagos (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), at the A+A Gallery in the Lower East Side (Manhattan), at the New York Independent Art Fair “Frere”, the LFL gallery, the 16Beaver space, at Columbia University and the UN.

I have also participated in the activities of various artists collectives in New York. From 1999 to 2000, I was part of “air-brooklyn”, a Williamsburg artists association that no longer exists. This allowed me both to exhibit my work and to curate shows.

With the 16Beaver group, a collection of artists who explore esthetic and critical theories, I have created a performance for Access Zone at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The piece was a performance in which I was “working the crowd” both like a spy and a street photographer, taking the photos of the events, the people around the events, and then having them in the info area. This project was an attempt to show "hidden"/ "unconscious" collaboration.

I am writing my Ph.D. in Anthropology for Cambridge University (United-Kingdom) on the distinct spatial representations of the Maku Indians of Colombian Amazonia and of the coca growers who come from urban area and invade their territory. In the end, I believe that my artwork is done through the eyes of an anthropologist and I am now developing a project with Palestinian children called "Children of Conscience" that fuses anthropology and art as well as humanitarian intervention.

My commercial photographs are represented by SLPstock, a photo agency under contract with TimePix and I am currently collaborating with Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, assisting in the photo documentation of their work, specifically in South America among indigenous populations and in Israel/Palestine.